Corporate Membership

Enables corporations to support the re-education of indigenous peoples by sponsoring school tours to historic sites on the island of Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. 

Benefits of this Membership plan

Conference Admission

Attend our annual TELL Conference and learn the latest in TELL

English Language Instructor Support

Learn Project Based Teaching strategies from professionals in the world of English Language Instruction.

Ongoing Teacher Support 

Your membership will provide you with ongoing support on how to create, capture and deliver English Language Instruction in a digital world.

You'll learn smart strategies to optimize your English Language teaching.

Offer Online Courses

Offer online courses to African English Language Learners

Project Based Instruction

Spearhead life changing Projects with your students from different regions of Africa and the developing world.

Flexible payment options

Offer your students flexible payment plans to enable the greatest participation.

PKFokam B&I Teacher Membership

Membership provided teachers with access to Technology Enhanced English Language Teaching Conference
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