dive master internship 

English For Divemasters

This is the Divemaster internship you were looking for

✓ If you are searching of a Divemaster internship to learn how to instruct future divers, and not just fill and load tanks

✓ If you desire your mentor to be a Course Director, and not of lower status

✓ If you want to receive a grant for your contribution and not just help with tasks for free…

✓ If you want to identify and solve student issues even before they happen

✓ If you are looking for a Divemaster Internship that offers you more than 130 logged dives before your IDC 

Earn While You Learn

  • Improve Your English 
  •  Travel & Work Abroad 
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Career Plan Development
  • Course directors as teachers
  • Free breakfast, lunch, and lodging.

Learn English Online

Courses are available online for anyone in the world with a WiFi connection. You can start courses TODAY so that you can get plugged into a stong community of peers. Apprentices are starting full-time jobs at great businesses while continuing to learn. 

Allow me to guide you

While you are learning, my placement advisors will be with you every step of the way until you land a full-time internship offer in a country that excites and inspires you. 
Learn English, Career Guidance, &  Placement

Come & Live the Dream

Sign Up for the SDI Scuba Diving Instructor internship, and GRADUATE AS a DIVE INSTRUCTOR FOR FREE.  

My partner offers 6 MONTH dive instructor internships on a regular basis. To keep offering an even more excellent internship they upgraded to SDI, as always including all the dives needed for admission to the IDC received for free (with scholarship including study materials) after completion of the internship. 

In the interest of maximum quality, the free IDC courses are not integrated into the internship itself but given as a formal separate program taken afterward, along with the paying customers we also have, and of the exact same standard.

The Dive Instructor internship and scholarship program is six months in duration and continues to include daily free breakfast, free lunch (in some areas also dinner), free lodging (youth hostel style), a free daily dive, free standard dive equipment use, and much more.

Same as our prior PADI diving instructor interns, in exchange for all these benefits as an SDI diving instructor intern and apprentice, you participate fully in those dive center tasks as assigned by the manager.
Meet your apprenticeship coordinator 

Karen Francis

I’ve designed an entirely new ed-venture for you based on an age old concept-apprenticeship or internship.

Internships are considered the oldest form of training and have been a traditional part of the life cycle since before the Middle Ages.

It’s a process that helps young people build the skills and network they need to succeed in the real world—and it will do the same for you too.

Once you pass the IELTS my placement advisors will work with you every step of the way until you land a full-time internship in a role and company that excites and inspires you.

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